Twin Spires Complex

1 mile from Belfast City Centre & easy access to
Westlink, Belfast Harbour & George Best City Airport

Twin Spires Complex – Curran House

Unit 1A - Theresa Dunlop Mortgages
Mortgage advice and guidance
Unit 2 & 4- Twin Spires Dental Surgery
Dental Surgery
Unit 4A - West Belfast Partnership Board
Unit 6 - Diamond Leisure Transport

Belfast Bus Tours and Game of Throne Tours

Units 8, 9, 14 and 15 - Active Communities Network

Radio station

Unit 12A - Rory Kelly

Counselling Services

Unit 12C - Michael Gormley
Unit 13A - Africa House

Social Media Content

Unit 13C - Magic Eye Design


Unit 1B - Feisfayre
Irish dancing shop stocking a wide range of products

Unit 3A and 3B - TRP Services
Industrial Recruitment Agency

Unit 5 - Neighbourhood Development Association

Belfast Bus Tours and Game of Throne Tours

Unit 7 and 10 - Active Communities

Councelling Organisation –


Unit 11B, 11C & 11D - West Belfast Enterprise Board



Unit 12B - Safe Security

Printing & embroidery

Unit 12D - Executive Office

Tim Attwood

13B - Magic Eye Design
Unit 13D - Acacia Path

Twin Spires Complex – Tenants Directory

Curran House


Howard Building


Mill House


Filor Building


North Building


Exchange Building


Merchant Building


Retail Tenants


Twin Spires Complex

Glenmachen Place
Co. Antrim
BT12 6QH