Development Appraisals

A development appraisal assesses the viability of proposed development or redevelopment projects

If you are thinking about a development project, Ortus Property Services can provide advice and guidance on the project and assist you towards planning success.

For any property development we would recommend an external property appraisal. This allows you to access a balanced plan and budget that highlights risks involved and therefore increase your chances of achieving a successful project in the long term. An accurate and fully planned project from start to finish minimises financial risk and uncertainties which can assist with finance applications, planning approval and project management.

Our Experience

We have conducted high quality development appraisals on behalf of a range of clients, from commercial to residential property assessing the viability of proposed development and redevelopment projects. Details of capital required prior to commencing the project and expected duration of payback are provided.

Our Promise

We take every project as unique and our dedicated team of property experts will work closely with you throughout the appraisal. Our detailed assistance would cover:

  •  Valuation of development land
  •  Timescales for development completion
  •  Risks associated with the project including external factors
  •  Sensitivity analysis
  •  Development of funding sources and financial analysis
  •  Expected return on the project for the developer

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