Rental Analysis

Our rental analysis services allow us to recommend revised rental levels according to the market rate


At Ortus Property Services we are dedicated to conducting detailed research into your commercial units and help you determine the ideal rental charges to set.

Ortus Property Services can conduct reviews of current or proposed rental levels for your property to evaluate whether or not rents are realistic in the current climate. Revised levels may be employed to increase rental opportunities and obtain the optimum payback period achievable.

Factors that can affect your current rental prices and what we will include in our research and findings include:

  • Location – The value of a location can have an effect on your rental rates. Proximity to local amenities, public transport route, car parking and major travel routes can all increase or decrease your expected rental price.
  • Comparable Units – As part of our rental analysis service, we will research similar properties within the area plus further afield to give you a greater understanding of the competitive market place and an average price per square m.
  • Lease Terms – We will assist you in determining if leases are set or negotiable which can have an impact on the price you can charge per unit.
  • Facilities on offer – Depending on what the commercial units offer will also affect price you can charge. Shared facilities, communal meeting areas, equipment and furniture included and broadband coverage can all attract potential tenants

Our Service

As part of our rental analysis we will:

  • Conducting detailed research into your commercial units
  • Complete in-depth competitor analysis for your property area
  • Assess the economic output so rents are realistic in the current climate
  • Determine the ideal rental charges to set with justifications

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